Half of my time, I am involved in teaching activities at the University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France).

I am coresponsible of the Master 2 Modeling Ecological Systems (M2 MSE).

I teach the following courses:

  • BSc Biodiversity and Environment 2nd year (L2 BBE):
    • Scientific method applied to evolutionary ecology (coresponsible of this course)
  • BSc Biodiversity and Environment 3rd year (L3 BBE):
    • Evolutionary biology
    • Ornithology
  • Master 1 Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution (M1 BEE):
    • Evolutionary ecology (coresponsible of this course)
    • Mathematics and computer programming for ecology and evolution (coresponsible of this course)
    • Evolution and phylogeny
  • Master 1 Functional Biology and Ecology (M1 FBE):
    • Introduction to key concepts in population dynamics
  • Master 1 Biology and Health (M1 BS):
    • Human population genetics
  • Master 2 Plant biology and associated microorganisms (M2 BPMA):
    • Genetic diversity and plant breeding
  • Master 2 Modeling Ecological Systems (M2 MSE) and Master 2 Ecology and Evolution (M2 EE):
    • Biostatistics and modelling in ecology and evolution